Friday, 24 June 2011

Fifteen Cornwall..

A few weeks ago we had my 'pre wedding girly lunch' at Fifteen Cornwall. It was fab. The food was wonderful, the service was second to none.

Maybe it's the weeks of soup and rice cakes but I'm still dreaming about their treacle tart.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Meating a standard....

I am seriously craving red meat. Last night I ate scrambled egg, snarling, with dagger eyes at the other half who was tucking into a steak dinner. The steak he eats could soon be changing, actually the name of it could. Beef and lamb from the Westcountry could end up getting Protected Geographical Indication status.

Like clotted cream, Cornish pasties and Cornish sardines it would mean the meat would have to meet a certain criteria before it can be sold as Westcountry Beef or Lamb.

A 12 week consultation has now started and people's opinions will be put to the European Commission for a final decision.

If you would like to find out more, you can view the consultation document at

Any comments on the consultation should be submitted to Irene Bocchetta ADAS, Woodthorne, Wergs Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 8TQ, or emailed to

Friday, 17 June 2011

Rare treats...

Ok, so my promise to spend less time on bunting and more time on blogging hasn't exactly worked out the way I'd hoped. We've also been moving house so it's taken us a while to get organised. Two weeks today I'll be standing on Penzance quay waiting to get on the Scillonian. Now doubt it will be 30'c in what will be just the beginning if a two week heat wave (#completelydelusional).

I've been dieting hard. I've lost 2 stone 1lb now and I'm hoping to loose another 8lb by the wedding. So as you can imagine blogging about eating sticks of baby corn and tomato soup isn't exactly exciting. However we are having our honeymoon on Scilly as well and I'm going to make up for all those lost calories. I give it 48 hours before I'm off to St Mary's. Lunch will probably be at Dibble and Grub and afternoon tea at Juliet's Garden. We had a cream tea there two weeks ago and it was fantastic. We sat in the sunshine overlooking the harbour (it seems a long time ago now.)

If we stay over the night maybe we'll head to St Mary's Hall Hotel. It's launched a brand new menu that focuses on classic British ingredients, with rare breeds meat raised on the hotel owner’s own Gloucestershire farm taking a lead role.

Dishes on the new menu include Roasted shoulder of Ryland Lamb, served with braised savoy cabbage, bacon and a redcurrant jus, slow roasted belly of Gloucester Old Spot pork stuffed with sage and apple served with braised red cabbage and new potatoes, Gloucester fillet steak, and roasted fore rib of Gloucestershire beef.

The rare breeds meat also makes its mark on the hotel’s bar menu with Ryeland Lamb Burgers with Cornish wild garlic, served with crispy battered onion rings and a yoghurt and paprika oil dip and a classic Cottage Pie. (Book me a table now!)

As well as the rare breeds meat the restaurant also features fresh crab and lobster caught in island waters.

For more information on Spirit Bar and Restaurant and St Mary’s Hall hotel click here or call 01720 422316.