Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sweet home Bryher...

I'm coming home
I've been gone so long
Time has marched on
Love changed her song
I'm coming home
I've travelled far and wide
to chase away demons that I had long denied
I'm coming home to the love that is there
To try to make peace
To rebuild and repair

*By Mary Ann Rudy (who lives in Cornwall, New York!)

I'm back at home on Bryher in Scilly.....

Enjoying the sunshine......and the long walks....(well as long as you can make a walk on an island 1 mile long).

And enjoying my mum's home cooking....

Mum's chicken and cardamom pilaf... (serves 4)

4 small handfuls basmati rice
3 handfuls leftover roast chicken stripped from the bird
Enough chicken stock to cover the rice twice over (and a cup more in case you run out)
10 cardamoms
1 tsp cinnamon
2 cinnamon sticks
1 small onion
2 handfuls frozen peas
2 handfuls sultanas.......

Pop the rice in a large pan with the chicken stock and cinnamons.

In a separate pan fry the onion in a little oil. Every now and again give the rice a little stir to make sure it isn't sticking....but make sure you don't beat it into a rice pudding...

Bash the cardamon pods with a wooden spoon so they break open and pop the pods in with the rice. Add all the other ingredients.

Serve hot in bowls with mango chutney and poppadoms.... (This is essential)
It's good to be home...


  1. Oh how lovely. After all these years of living back in Cornwall I still haven't made it to the Scilly Isles. But I do have such lovely memories of a week's camping trip on Bryher. Did you grow up there?

  2. Aaaw, there's nothing like being at home. And that scenery looks spectacular. Not to mention your Mum's pilaf - yum!

  3. O and what a beautiful home!

  4. Thank you! Yes I did grow up on Bryher (although at the other end to the campsite). It's lovely to be back...despite the rain today! xxxx

  5. Lovley photos. Enjoy your trip ... and your Mum's cooking ;0)