Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Scarlet Wines.....

Every time we pass Scarlet Wines at Lelant my face is pressed up against the car window. My voice gets a bit winier as I asked for the twentieth time 'Can we go there soon?'

'Yeah', the other half answers knowing I'll be distracted soon by somewhere else I want to visit. But I haven't forgotten yet. I still want to go there. (Please take notes...) Now it's got a new tapas menu and I'm hoping that that might be enough to get him there. Spanish food made with Cornish ingredients....seriously good.

At the moment you can have roasted beetroot and blue cheese dip, cheddar fritters, pheasant croquettes with tomato and orange chutney and mussels with pancetta, capers, olives and herbs. Convinced yet other half?

Scarlet Wines, Lelant 01736 753696


  1. Scarlet is stunning. They've just started selling the most divine olives - very similar to the ones I've had a Jamie Oliver's Italian.

  2. yum, sounds great to me!

  3. Oh you have to go to one of their wine and food tastings, they're great - only problem is it makes you *really* want to drink expensive wine every day.