Monday, 24 January 2011

Pride goes before Cornwall...

The English way is to play things down. To apologise when we do something well. To always let others take the limelight. Cornwall is the opposite. It's proud of its coastline, its people and itself. And so it should be. So it was great to see that Cornish food is starting to be recognised.

A new book claims that Cornwall (and the rest of the South West) is challenging London's culinary throne and is where gourmet talent is being fatted up! The new edition of the Devon, Cornwall and South West England Lonely Planet Guide says it's streets (or coast paths) ahead of other areas in terms of cuisine.

The guide says rising stars are being trained by our celebrity chefs and the nurtured talent means more Michelin stars should be on the way. (How has the Driftwood at Portscatho not got one?) But let's face it we're not just leading the way in fine cuisine. Our cafes, pubs and restaurants are also better than any other area. I've never had a better roast than at the Victoria Inn at Perranuthnoe and you can't get better crab cakes than at The Lewinnick Lodge near Newquay.

The guide reckons Paul Ainsworth at No 6 in Padstow is one of the top five restaurants. I've never been but have heard great reviews. (My mum met him when she went to Padstow last year. I was very excited as I am a bit of a chef groupie!) Apparently Jude Kereama, the man who makes the best chocolate fondant in the world, also gets a mention.
This year I need to be a bit more adventurous. I need to try more restaurants. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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