Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Warehouse, Falmouth

It seems like everyone is eating fish this week. Jamie, Gordon and Hugh seem to have inspired everyone to buy mackerel and coley. I am completely clueless about fish to be honest. I can cook shellfish but when it comes to actual fish I have no idea what I am doing. I keep meaning to do a course so I can learn how to fillet and cook fish without it becoming over cooked and tasting like wall paper paste.

I had already made it my New Year's Resolution to eat more fish when eating out. Last night I had the opportunity as I went to The Warehouse in Falmouth for the first time. I've heard a lot about it and lots of people have said the fish is fantastic.

I decided to start with crab cakes. I am obsessed with crab cakes and at least in Cornwall you can get them in most cafes and restaurants.

They were peppery and hot and came with a spiky sweet chilli sauce.

If I hadn't made a New Year's Resolution I'd have probably had the steaks as they looked fat and tender. Instead I opted for the Cornish sole with garlic butter and tartare sauce. My father in law warned me "it's a hard work fish" and he wasn't wrong. The in laws filleted them perfectly whereas mine ended up looking a bit of a wreck with bones everywhere! It was delicious and once I'd got the hang of it loved the meaty flesh.

I didn't have puddings although the boys had a fat blackberry and apple pie with custard and a chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce.

The staff are fantastic and food delicious. If you're in Falmouth and you fancy some fresh fish it is definitely worth a visit.
A three course meal is about £18-20
The Warehouse, Customs House Quay
01326 313001