Thursday, 22 September 2011

Magnificent Seven.....

Imagine sitting down to dinner and finding out the people cooking for you are Cornwall's elite. Paul Ainsworth, Chris Eden, Neil Haydock, Nathan Outlaw, Ben Tunnicliffe, Paul Ripley and Nigel Tabb. It's a Cornish food blogger's dream scenario but for dozens of lucky people it's a reality tonight. The Cornwall Food Festival kicks off with the Magnificent Seven...a six course course meal cooked by seven of Cornwall's most talented chefs.

So as I'm not there I thought I would do my own Magnificent Seven. Seven things I'm looking forward to about the Cornwall Food Festival....

1. Jude Kereama at Kota.

I compered on of his demonstrations a couple of years ago when he made these delicious chocolate puddings. I remember the audience tasting them and all I could think about was whether it was socially acceptable to snatch a few extra bowls before they could. Jude is doing a demonstration on Friday at 1115am.

2. Deli Farm

Deli Farm is selling its wide range of dried meats and is launching a new spicy chorizo at the festival. I love buying some and taking it home for lunch with some bread and salad.

3. Sausage Demonstrations

I used to love the Abbey at Penzance when Ben Tunnicliffe was a chef there. He's since moved on to The Scarlet and is now at Nansloe Manor (where Brad and Angelina recently stayed apparently!) I've been looking at the menu a lot online so I will have to go sometime this winter. Ben is doing a masterclass in how to make and cook sausages with the Kernow Sausage Company.

4. Cooking

I love coming home, bags heavy with great produce enthused about what to cook. This year there might be a lot of fish involved. Last year it was all about cheese.

5. Food box
The lovely people at the Cornish Food Box Company will be at the festival for the first time. I ordered my first box at Christmas and am still loving them. I'm just finishing off the last of last week's vegetables...lovely fat spring onions and a round cucumber.

6. Fish

On Saturday at 14.45pm Annie Silbert, a local fishmonger, is doing a 'Taking the Fear Out of Fish' masterclass. I have a lot of fear Annie.

7. Nathan Outlaw

Always brilliant to watch. Always makes fantastic food. A food festival must. Sunday at 1430pm.

* My lovely BBC Radio Cornwall colleagues will be there too compering. Give them a big clap.

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