Friday, 23 September 2011

Menus - Cornwall Food Festival.....

So I mentioned last night about the Magnificent 7 and the six course menu they made as part of the Cornwall Food and Drink Festival. I managed to wrestle a menu of one of the people who went and I thought you might like a look....

Deli coppa croquetas, Cornish Duck pastilla, Spiced Cornish crab on nimkis, Chybucca roasted pear and gingerbread (Neil Haydock- The Hotel and Extreme Academy, Watergate Bay.)

Pork, pigeon and rabbit terrine, beetroot, apple, smoked bacon and hazelnut (Ben Tunnicliffe- Nansloe Manor)

Orange, salt cod, onion and black olive salad (Paul Ripley- Rick Steins Seafood Bar)

Sea bass and bacon, barbecued sardine and tomato ketchup with homemade hog's pudding and crispy egg (Nathan Outlaw- Restaurant Nathan Outlaw)

Venison loin 'n' pie, cabbage, Cornish pancetta, carrot (Paul Ainsworth- No. 6 in Padstow and Chris Eden Driftwood Hotel)

Three Year old Davidstow Reserve Cheddar selected by Nathan Outlaw served with Crellow Kea Plum and Catshead Cheese

Tonka bean pannacotta, strawberry and black pepper sorbet, crackling chocolate wood (Nigel Tabb- Tabbs)

Origin coffee or Tregothnan tea with pralines made by Nigel Tab

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