Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Top tips....

I'm a lazy gardener. The plants I like to grow are peas and beans whose heads shoot above the soil within days of planting like a keen student eager to impress. I love planting out lettuces only weeks after they've been potted. And most of all I love my Brussels sprouts who are already the size of my index finger. But the plants I get most frustrated with are the most delicious ones. The one you have to plant and wait years for a good crop. Rhubarb, strawberries and worst of all asparagus. Luckily there are lots of people in Cornwall who grow it for me. Tomorrow I'll be going to the Truro Farmer's Market to pick up Tregassow Asparagus for the first time this year.

The snow that fell in January and he harsh frosts of February have delayed the harvest. This morning Nik Tinney from Saffron in Truro came in to tell us about why his asparagus menu is so late this year. And he bought us some dishes to try.....

This is a Cornish Asparagus salad with Cornish Feta, Rocket, Tomato and Mint Dressing. It was delicious. Mint and asparagus and my new favourite combination.

This bowl has Chybucca Goats Cheese Fondue with Steamed Asparagus. I didn't try this but it went down a storm.

These were the outstanding. Crispy fingers of Asparagus fritters with wild garlic mayonnaise. I spent a long time licking my fingers.

And then Asparagus wrapped in strips of duck.
The asparagus menu is on now at Saffron in Truro....here's a few of the other non asparagus highlights...
Saffron, Leek and Fowey Mussel Soup with Wild Garlic Bread Stick
Pan friend New Season Lamb Sweetbreads with Sea Beet and Salsa Verdi
Kernow Sashimi Spider Crab Sandwich with Citrus Fruit Salsa
Tregothnan Tea Creme Brulee with Lemon Finger Biscuits
Hedgerow Pate of Primrose Jelly, Gorse Ice Cream, Alexanders and Fennel Square


  1. you ate all this for breakfast?! Lucky you

  2. Maybe not all of it! But some!!

  3. I still haven't seen any asparagus yet. Would never have thought of using mint, so will have to try this.

  4. Asparagus and mint - have to try that!