Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Chard Day's Night.....

Melted cheese. Is there anything in the world more dreamy? Cheese on toast with a bit of ketchup, a parmesany carbonara or a winter's evening fondue. For me cheese is an any season, any day treat. But as I sit here typing with the sun streaming over the harbour it's not a fondue I want or a heavy lunch. This is perfect stirred through spaghetti, placed on toast or just in a steaming bowl on its own.

Chard with Cornish Brie and Coppa.....(serves 1)

1 large handful of chard
2 slices Cornish brie (about 3oz/85g)
3 slices Cornish Coppa (available here)
salt and pepper

Wash the chard. Then chop it roughly with a sharp knife. You don't want it shredded just sliced into chunks. Pop it in a pan to steam for 3 minutes of so, tossing it occasionally. (I usually add about 1 tbsp water just to help it along).

Take the chard off the heat briefly. See if it needs draining. If it doesn't pop back on the heat and add the coppa and brie. Toss with tongs until the brie starts to melt. Serve with salt and pepper.

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