Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Cour Blimey.....

The walk to the veggie patch has changed a lot in the past month. A month ago the grass was bright and lush now it has a faint crunch underfoot after being scorched by the late June sunshine. The beds that were sparse are now over flowing with borage, sweet peas and nasturtiums........

The trees are bulging with tiny apples and pears ready to be picked and preserved by me. I've already started storing the gluts I have. Over ripe raspberries have been potted into jams and frozen into purees, I've added tablespoons of caster sugar to gooseberries ready for autumn crumbles and I've started drying out bunches of rosemary for late summer roast dinners. But for now I'm enjoy the early vegetables bursting to life. At the allotment this morning I picked three baby courgettes no longer than my middle finger, still with flowers in tact. Then on my way home I popped into the new local Deli on the side of the A39.

Large local salamis and coppas hang from nets from the ceiling, there are fresh eggs and piles of broccoli and cauliflowers. Beside the cream cakes as big as pillows is a stand of local cheeses. I'd already decided to make a warm salad with griddled courgettes but wanted a salty cheese to shave over the top. Not a goats or a blue but something plain and weekday.

Do you know why yarg is called yarg? Apparently because the people who sold it were called Gray. Yarg. Gray back to front.

Baby Courgette and Yarg Salad (Serves 1)
2 baby courgettes
1oz/25g yarg
1 big handful mixed leaves
2 nasturtium flowers
olive oil
1/2 lemon
salt and pepper
a pinch of sugar

Remove the flowers from courgettes. Sliced them vertically so the are about the thickness of a polo mint. Spray them or brush them with a little oil and griddle for 3 minutes or so on each side.

In a small bowl mix a tbsp of oil, a squeeze of lemon, the sugar and salt and pepper. Pour over the mixed leaves and toss with your hands. Put on a plate. Top with the petals, courgettes and yarg.

I used one of the flowers to decorate it. This is definately a girl's salad.


  1. Looks so pretty - and tasty. Great photos. Lucie x

  2. Thanks lucie I love summer! X

  3. i've got about a week to go for my courgette to be ready! can't wait!

  4. Issy - if you're going back to Bryher any time soon why not try pickling samphire - it's the right time and there is loads by the quay at your farm gate. I have a recipe if you want!

    Cheers "cousin" Ruth

  5. I have picked mine pretty early Dominic because I like them more when they are smaller. I picked a load of samphire back in the spring...I adore the smell of it...but not sure about the taste....rock samphire is not as nice as normal samphire!