Thursday, 12 April 2012

A load of pollocks.....

Yesterday I saw a swallow fly over Samson Hill. Swooping over the garden, gliding in the sunshine. It flew off towards Tresco like it was doing a rekke of the islands before the mass migration from Africa begins and you see hundreds on a daily basis. After a day of showers, this week's been beautiful. You can find a sheltered spot, put your face up to the sun and imagine summer barbecues.

Gareth decided to go fishing yesterday with some of our guests and took a boat to the south coast of St Mary's. They caught a bag full of pollock and a tiny mackerel. Maybe it's the sunshine, maybe it's the swallow, Scilly seems firmly in springtime.

Pan fried pollock with lemon butter sauce....(serves 2)

2 pollock fillets
a tbsp flour
salt and pepper
Cornish rapeseed oil
1oz/25g St Agnes butter
a squeeze of lemon juice

On a plate, season the flour and place the fillets skin side down. Heat up a heavy frying pan on a medium heat and add a tbsp or two of oil. Add the pollock skin side down. In another pan put the butter and lemon and put on a gentle heat until melted. Whisk together and put aside.

Once the pollock is cooked halfway up the fillet (about 4 minutes), flip over and cook for another couple of minutes.

Serve with the hot lemon butter sauce and a little fennel.

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