Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Fowey again....and beans on toast

The autumn sunshine is still blazing across Cornwall making an October staycation very pleasant indeed.

We went to Fowey again yesterday and took the Bodinnick ferry across the river. After stopping for twiglets to keep us going we walked up the hill past the church and the old school and took a right onto the "Hall Walk". It takes you all the way to Polruan.

There are benches every few steps so you can stop and admire the view.....

Then you turn a corner and this is what you see.....the water was so mirror flat and clear I just wanted to jump right in......

We caught the ferry back and ate beans on toast and steaming hot leek and potato soup. Fowey is fast becomming one of my most favourite places....


  1. Lovely photos! Wish the weather was like that here lol

  2. What a lovely place! What a good way to spend the day!