Saturday, 17 October 2009

Surf 'n' turf....

Autumn is all about pumpkins and squash oranges and the deep browns of the leaves gathered under the shedding trees but today autumn was cornflower blue.

We woke up to a bright blue clouds. Just a sleepy golden sunshine you only ever get in October. After eating scotch pancakes the size of my fist and the leftovers of last night's fat butchers sausages (and after about twenty phone calls to fellow surfers about the conditions) we set off to Chapel Porth near St Agnes.

Just look at that sky....

We bumped into lots of people from work and it seems as if Chapel Porth was the place for locals to go.

While the other half dried off in the car park I went over to the beach cafe and bought us steaming hot chocolates dusted with warm cinnamon.
In the boot sat my shining new spade and fork I was given for my birthday so we headed to the new allotment to dig a border....this might not look like much but it was a lot of hard work!
Next I just have to make a growing plan......I was given Nigel Slater's "Tender" for my birthday and have read it cover to cover...

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