Monday, 26 October 2009

TV Dinner....

( I know this is a tiny picture but it's the only one I can find.)

This evening my mum makes her brief debut on series 4 of An Island Parish. (BBC 2, 730pm). The programme follows her as she starts her online fudge business. My mum is the lovliest, kindest most unlikely to be on TV type of person ever. (In the photo she is the smiley one in a chiropodist's uniform..that's her other job!!)

If you see it let me know what you's worth watching for the scenery!

PS....if you want to try the fudge click here


  1. Weird, I watched tonight's show but didn't see any mention of fudge or anyone who could be your mum.

    It did make me want to go to Scilly even more than before though...

  2. I know..she wasn't on.....boooo. Maybe next week!! xxxx