Saturday, 28 August 2010

Bean there, done that.......

There's nothing that sums up summer more than a cream tea. A great fat dollap of clotted cream on a jam spread scone. This week is National Cream Tea Week. (Does that mean we get to eat them everyday?)

And although I love cream teas, I love cooking with clotted cream as well. So when Roddas gave me some clotted cream to enjoy I tried to make the most of it. And anyway it's difficult to enjoy a cream tea when the weather is like this.....

Cornish Beans.......(Serves 4)

A good handful of fine green beans topped and tailed (about 40)

2 tbsp clotted cream

4 slices of streaky bacon


In a pan of boiling water drop the beans and cook for 3 minutes until tender. Chop the bacon into small pieces and fry in a hot pan until crispy.

Drain the beans and pop back into the pan. Add the bacon, pepper and cream and mix together. Serve with some roast chicken or even pasta.

This was before I mixed them together. It looked prettier!

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