Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sprouting positive....

While the rest of the country seems to be waist deep in snow we've missed the best of it. Note the word "best" as snow can only be a good thing. (I'm conveniently forgetting the people stuck for hours on planes and snow bound pubs up country.) We've had bursts of it which leads to bursts of excitement in our household only to be met ten minutes later with disappointment and another ten minutes of checking Internet weather forecasts.

At least it's made the allotment look a bit less "horrendous mess" and a bit more "shabby chic."

I had high hopes for the sprouts being ready for Christmas but they are no bigger than the size of maltesers.
Brussels Sprouts in brown butter with chestnuts and Cornish sea salt.....(serves 4)

About 40 sprouts (10 per person is plenty)
1 handful of vacuum packed chestnuts
1 good pinch Cornish Sea Salt

Chop the hard bottoms off each sprout. The top two leaves should fall away but if they don't, gently peel them off. Pop in boiling water until just tender.
Drain and pop into ice cold water until you need them. In a pan melt the butter until it foams. Add the chopped chestnuts and stir around until the butter starts to turn a brown colour. Add the sprouts and toss around for a couple of minutes until they are warmed through.

Sprinkle with the sea salt and serve.


  1. I really look forward to cooking sprouts at Christmas - and bought some vac pac chestnuts just so I can jazz them up a bit this year, probably with some chopped bacon! Great recipe, looks delicious :)

  2. Yum bacon and chestnuts...delicious. We're having sprouts again later so I'll blog another recipe later this week.

  3. Yum, and those leeks! Wow, I wish I could grow them like that!