Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pasty pride....

From now on you'll only be able to buy Cornish pasties that have been made in Cornwall. It basically means you won't be eating something you think is a Cornish pasty then you take one bite and realise some muppet has put peas in there. (Although they can still be baked elsewhere in the country they just need to have been prepared in Cornwall).

The term has been given PGI by the European Commission.

It now puts a bit of an end to arguments over what makes a genuine pasty. The Cornish Pasty Association says it has to be shaped like a 'D' and be crimped on the side. It says the filling should be made up of 'uncooked mince or chunks of beef with swede, potato, onion and light seasoning.'

Now you might be hoping that I would do a Cornish Pasty recipe. Frankly I'm too scared to try them. I know far too many people who make amazing pasties and would never give me the recipe so I just rely on them!

If you are coming to Cornwall this year head to Phillps at Hayle. They make the best pasties by far (but be hungry because they are the size of a dinner plate!)


  1. This has been such a long time coming - I'm so glad the pasty has finally got what it deserves. I'm not sure about Mice in the pasty though! (Why are typo's always in the wrong place?!).

  2. The shame (red face!) Changed to mince now!! No one wants mice in a pasty!

  3. My Mum loves Cornish pasties too! I would love to find a recipe with a guarantee 'yummy' result.

  4. Me too! Maybe I will try it one day.

  5. yum...I know quite a good recipe if you fancy it (it uses hot water pastry, or some such name) and is delicious, and as pastry goes, very easy to make