Saturday, 26 February 2011

Spring Feast

There's something special about those first meals you eat outside. The first picnic outside of the car, a long awaited plateful of asparagus, that Easter roasted spiced lamb. Spring is one of my favourite food seasons, beaten only by summer.

My garden diary is out on the table again. Lists are being scribbled on receipts. My gate needs fixing after being pulled apart in the winter storms. The ground is calling to be dug over. I keep getting emails about Cornish rhubarb for sale and even local lettuce and I'm filled with panic about the state of the allotment.
But spring is just around the corner and this year it means even more. An Easter holiday on Scilly, two of my closest friends weddings and the our hope for the future.

So until the allotment is underway I will have to rely on others. Cornwall Food and Drink is organising its first Cornwall Spring Feast (Friday 18th March- Friday 1st April). Basically loads of Cornish restaurants are designing amazing spring menus for just £14 for two courses. They are also organising events like food foraging and cheese tasting.

Make sure you have a look at their website to find out how to book and who is taking part. There are so many great chefs participating it's hard to decide which ones to go to.


  1. Your easter holiday in Sicilly sounds like a dream..I wish I could travel to amazing places like that with ease. Plus, I agree that eating outdoors in a nice setting with good ingredients is a wonderful experience.

  2. It's a holiday in Scilly! Although Sicilly would be just as lovely- I went there once for a day trip and have vowed to go back for a longer holiday.