Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Away in a Manger.....

I love charity shops. I think they are one of those things you only start to appreciate as you get older like avocado or gin and tonic. But I have started to become obsessed with them...they've actually become a social activity. I can spend hours wandering around the rails, examining the kitchen stuff and flicking through books. I love it when you come across a real gem of nostalgia....a book you read at primary school or a casserole dish your mum had when you were little.

I have become a big fan of retro stuff....amazing tea sets, fondue bowls, pressure cookers and seventies cook books. This week I came across a few beauties....*

(*Incidentally my other half has started a campaign called "No tat for the flat" because I keep coming home with more gems...He's thinking of designing a tshirt and banner and holding some kind of picket line outside Oxfam)

I love this teapot sooo much!!

These will have the brandy butter and clotted cream in after Christmas dinner.

And this tray is can use the glass bit to cook and then hook it in the metal bit and carry it around without oven gloves.

After all these Christmassy purchases I had to cook something festive and fun....

Manger Cakes.....

2oz butter
4oz granulated sugar
2 tbsp syrup
2 tbsp cocoa
4 or 5 shredded wheats (crumbled)
1 pkt jelly babies

Melt the butter, sugar, syrup and cocoa in a heavy based pan. When it comes to the boil take it off the heat and stir it up. Make sure the sugar has dissolved. Sprinkle in the shredded wheat. Stir it up so the shredded wheat is covered in the chocolatey gooey sauce.

Put a tsp of the mix in each cupcake case. Place a jelly baby "baby Jesus" on each "manger".
Serve with mulled wine and Christmas carols....


  1. What a cute idea! And great charity shop finds - I love tootling around them picking up little bits and bobs. :D

  2. You have found such beautiful things!