Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year Party

There must be many of us taking a break from food blogging at the moment. When you can barely sum up the enthusiasm to make a bowl of cereal after the Christmas feasting the last thing you want is the indulgence of new year.

Tonight we are having a fancy dress party at our flat....maybe we'll wander down to the harbour and watch the fireworks lighting up Falmouth bay. But I need to provide I have consulted the Goddess of Christmas and New Years gatherings...all hail Nigella.

Here's what I have planned...

Roasted beef and horseradish yorkshire puddings
Nigella's crab cakes and chilli jam
Nigella's blue cheese dip
Smoked salmon blinis
Sausages with mint and honey
Anti pasti
Stilton and Leek Tart

Puddings bought by guests with a big bowl of clotted cream of course.
Gin and tonic jellies

I may do one massive super blog tomorrow of them the theme of the fancy dress is the first letter of your last name. So mine is "t". Nigella, can you help?

PS Happy New Year xxxx


  1. Wow - you are going to be super busy!

    Have a great night. Happy New Year ;0)

  2. Best Wishes for a fun evening and a Happy New Year!