Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Premium Cornish bitter....

The advantage of the days following the Royal Cornwall Show is that the fridge is bulging with everything I bought home with me. There's no after work panic about what to cook because it's all there waiting to be eaten. So I go for a walk along the north coast around Gwithian.

The sun's on my back all the way. My bare legs being stung by the maram grass that lines the paths. Eventually I get down to the beach, trotting down the sand dune which is too steep to talk down. It's a strange combination. A cold wind forcing me to wrap my cardigan around me as many times as it will go, while my toes are digging into warm sand, scorched by a days sunshine.

There's dead jellyfish everywhere paralysed on the sand.

In the end I find a sheltered sand dune and lie arms outstreched, legs together, my face looking towards the sun. I realise I'm pouring the sand through my fingers like an egg timer....and I've been doing it for the last 10 minutes. Lying in the sun, pouring sand through my fingers. I could spend every evening like this.....

Cornish blue and radicchio salad on walnut toast with Helford apple dressing....(serves 1)

4 big radicchio leaves (this is the first thing I've eaten from my allotment!)
1oz/25g Cornish blue cheese
1 slice walnut bread
1 tsp olive oil
3 tbsp Helford Creek apple juice
1 pinch Cornish sea salt
4 grinds black pepper

Cut and toast a slice of walnut bread.

Thinly slice the radicchio leaves toss together with the crumbled cheese.

In another bowl mix the oil and juice and season. Whisk and add to the salad mix.

Place over the toast and add more dressing if you like.


  1. Lovely pictures Issy and delicious food.... I am off to Cornwall on Friday - I can't wait wait - this post reminds me why I love it so much!

  2. What a treat this post is! I feel like I have had a little holiday, just reading it!

  3. Thanks Joy. Where are you going Lucie? The weather is beautiful and looks to be staying this way for a while! Hooray! It's the St Ives Food and Drink Festival and is worth a visit on Sunday!