Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Simple spuds....

I've got two random tan lines down my back like someones got mad with a stick of chalk. I wore a dress (with straps) and wellies while we cleared a massive patch of weeds in the allotment. My allotment is by far the messiest there. Everybody else has perfectly symmetrical lines of strawberries and lettuces while mine go at mad angles as if I three year old's been let loose with a crayon.

At least I got the sweetcorn and onions in (in diagonal lines). I've still got loads of space left and if it wasn't for a certain football match I'd be at Fentongollan buying plugs (I'll do that tomorrow.) I want butternut squashes and loads more fruit. But after clearing weeds for a couple of hours I got bored. I decided to have a go at digging up the potato plants to see if anything was there. And this is what I found...eleven golf ball sized potatoes.

I scrubbed them roughly getting rid of the dust. Then boiled them for about ten minutes.

A bit of pepper and olive oil and that's it. We ate them all sticky and soft. Although a bowl of garlic mayonnaise might have been nice....

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