Monday, 1 March 2010

Easter egg challenge....

From a humble mayonnaise sandwich to floating meringues, eggs can be transformed in minutes.

I think this time of year is the most exciting for anybody who loves their food. The seeds are starting to be planted in the garden, shoots of rhubarb are already peeking above the soil and it's nearly time to justify an afternoon ice cream.

I wanted to do a month of linked posts. I thought about thirty chocolate recipes....

But decided I would end up the shape of an Easter egg.

So instead I'm going to be doing a month of egg based recipes. Including tomorrow's post of scotch chilli eggs! I hope you'll stick with me....


  1. Great idea! Look forward to the chilli eggs!

  2. Wow - I admire your comitment to this, I did a week of chocolate posts for chocolate week and it just a bout killed me!!! I'll be here to see your updates though ;0)

  3. Such a great idea! I am so looking forward to all the wonderful things you make with eggs!