Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Ho-nest-ly good cakes....

The best type of eggs to be cooking with at Easter.....

Tonight I start as a Jamie at Home consultant. It's basically like tupperware parties but with awesome home stuff. I can't wait to get buying...let alone selling. And it means I'll have some nice plates and board to display on my blog....

I am making some goodies for the party tonight including these yummy chocolate nest cakes.... "Hang on a second", I hear you cry, "aren't they just those Away in a Manger cakes you made at Christmas but with mini eggs in instead of jelly babies?" Answer: yes but more chocolate means more yummy.
Chocolate Easter Nest Cakes....(12 cakes)
2oz butter
4oz granulated sugar
2 tbsp cocoa
2tbsp golden syrup
5 shredded wheats (crumbled)
About 40 mini eggs

Melt the butter, sugar, cocoa and syrup until the sugar is dissolved. Crumble in the shredded wheat.
Put a tsp of the mix in a cupcake holder and top with three mini eggs. (I like the yellow ones best...they definitely taste COMPLETELY different to the other colours).

Sometimes I put them in the freezer because I like it when they go all crispy.


  1. I always make these for my family at Easter. And I add a baby yellow chick to one or two too!

    Jamie at Home consultant - that sounds interesting. Will have to see if they have them in my area...

  2. oooooo delish! Easter isn't Easter without these! Good luck with your venture - the JO collection is lovely. Lucie x

  3. Lovely nests! I hope all goes beautifully with your JO venture!

  4. Just found you whilst blog surfing - what a lovely blog. I love the Cornish sunshine. xxx

  5. Love it! Good luck with the job.