Monday, 8 March 2010

It's day 4 in the Easter Egg challenge....

Sometimes there are puddings that photos will never do justice. This is one of them. In fact this pudding looks a bit rank. It's the Monet of puddings...looks a complete mess but has hidden depths!

I thought it was about time I used eggs for puddings and this is one of my favourites.

Chocolate Orange Bread and Butter Pudding.......(serves six)

10 slices of white bread
Enough butter to butter them all...(at least 125g/4oz)
4 eggs plus two egg yolks
250ml/1 pint milk
500ml/2 pints double cream
125g/4oz caster sugar
2 tbsp cocoa
one and a half chocolate oranges (yipppeee that means there's half of one left to eat!)
1 orange

Preheat the oven to 180'c. Butter the bread like you are plastering a wall, some people say it should be on both sides but I think one side is fine. Slice into triangles and lay half of them in a baking tray.....

In a bowl mix the cream, sugar, milk, eggs, yolks and cocoa. Pour some of the mix over the bread, making sure it is absorbing the mix. Break up the chocolate into rough lumps and lay them over the bread slices. Add the rest of the bread triangles (butter side up) and the remainling of the sauce. Scatter the chocolate chunks over the top.

Doesn't this look horrid? On first glance it's not the kind of pudding I'd like to eat. Find a baking tray slightly bigger than the one you've got. Place the pudding in it and pour an inch of water in the bottom. Bake in the oven for about 45 minutes or an hour. You'll be left with a crispy buttery layer with a gorgeous chocolate squidgy pudding underneath.

Finally grate a little orange zest over the top and serve with cream. Remember: looks rank, tastes delicious!

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  1. Ooo I have never heard of this one before. So tempting!