Monday, 1 March 2010

Scotch Easter bonnets.....

Whether you believe in God or not few people would argue that eggs are a perfect symbol of new life. For non Christians, Easter is still a time for celebration. A time for feasting with friends and family and appreciating all that is possible for the next year ahead. Cooking an Easter feast in our household is large part of Easter Sunday. Church, Easter egg hunt, roast lamb and lemon meringue pie. Its the same every year.

Eggs are part of Easter's charm. Whether it's the eggs on toast for breakfast, the handful of mini eggs handed out by the vicar or a child's face pressed against the window hoping for a glimpse of the Easter bunny. This is a great recipe for Easter Sunday tea, when you are filled with roast dinner but want to still continue feasting.

Chilli scotch eggs..........(Serves 4)

4 free range eggs
1 extra egg yolk
1 lb 4oz/500g really good sausagemeat (I just took the meat out of good sausages)
1 medium red chilli
Salt and freshly ground pepper
4 tbsp plain flour
Good oil for frying (vegetable or groundnut)

First of all boil some water. Place the whole eggs (in their shells)and boil for six minutes. Once they are done, carefully scoop out of the water with a spoon and plunge them into icey cold water. (This stops them cooking any further so the yolk doesn't go all dry and chalky.

In a bowl mix the sausagemeat, egg yolk, the finely chopped chilli and the salt and pepper. Split the mixture into four. Take each hardboiled egg and carefully mould the sausagemeat around it. Dust with the flour. Pop into the fridge for 15 minutes.

Heat up a pan with about 1 cm of oil in the bottom. When it is really hot, carefully lower each egg into the pan. As each side goes a deep, dark brown roll over until it's dark brown and crispy all over. (This may take about 10 or 15 minutes. )

While this is happening prepare an Easter Sunday feast to have them with!
Place of some kitchen roll to remove any excess oil then cut in half. This is the most exciting bit. I served with a bit of homemade garlic mayonaisse. Perfect.....


  1. These look so tasty. I love your table with all the blue crockery, it all looks so appealing. I love Easter, you have me looking forward to it now :)

  2. Oh they do look good. Never attempted to make them myself for fear of the complications but these look wonderful!