Sunday, 13 September 2009

Barbecued Salmon Salad

Summer came back again today. It's been hiding for the past few weeks. I'd planned my meals around rain and the hint of frost that's reared its head recently. But things have changed and so has my shopping list.

We headed to Perranporth on Saturday. We sat in the sun drinking tea and watching the remaining visitors drink beer and throw very annoying squeaky toys at each other.

Our friends called to invite us to an impromptu barbecue. We ate homemade houmous with pesto and flatbreads with oil and rosemary bought back from one guest's trip to Sardinia. Then little bright red chorizo sausages.

Then I had barbecued salmon. Not big or clever. Not marinated with anything. Just salmon on a barbecue with some leaves from their allotment. It was seriously good. (I alo got a night time tour of their HUGE allotment and now have vegetable envy.)

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