Thursday, 3 September 2009


I'm a bit baked out after the last couple of days. I had planned to come home after work and bake some bread but I looked at the perfectly fine loaf of bread already in the bread bin and decided to have a cup of tea instead.

Photo Credit: David McNeil
I'm off to Wales tomorrow (hopefully, if the DVLA ever accepts my money for car tax!) so hopefully I'll get the chance to buy some great stuff to come home with. There's an amzing deli in Pontyprydd and I'll probably come home with all kinds of finds. It does an amazing gorgonzola and marscapone dip there. Rumour has it that there's an Italian in Pontyprydd who asked them to buy it in for everyone wants it. My marvellous soon to be married friends always bring me a tub when they come to visit and we dip carrots and beans in it (and when they've gone I just use my finger).

I'll blog my finds when I get back on Sunday but for now I'll stick with my cup of tea...if only I had something baked to eat with it....

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